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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kate's Quilting Block has smaller classes.

Class size matters -

Numerous studies show class size matters at all age levels.  So no matter what your age the quality of education you receive, in whatever area you choose to learn about, is important.  Research shows that smaller class sizes are strongly linked with increased achievement in education.  Smaller class sizes have a positive impact on the clarity of presentation, the teacher's effectiveness, the attention paid to students, and the quality of the education.

Here at Kate's Quilting Block we are committed to life long learning.  Our goal is to help you be the best quilter you can be.  In keeping with that goal we have smaller classes enabling each student to participate in a more relaxed environment.  Students do not feel intimidated while gaining answers to their questions. This enables them to grow and achieve their goals.  

To register for classes or to receive more information regarding our classes please signup for our newsletter or contact us at info@katesquiltingblock.com or at 801-796-1533.