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Friday, October 2, 2015

Keeping family quilting traditions alive

Helping families keep their quilting traditions alive is what we do.

This is not just a saying at Kate's Quilting Block.  This is what we do not only for our customers but for our family as well.  

Recently my mom passed away and I have been finding quilts and quilt tops that she started and was not able to finish.  In true quilter heritage fashion I am finishing them up using my skills of machine quilting, embroidery, and binding.  This one in progress on the quilting machine just needed borders and some personalization.

Machine Quilting Baby Quilt

I personalized the quilt with machine embroidery on one of the borders.  Unfortunately I did it in the same shade of brown so you can't see it.  But it is there!
I also used a polyester batting to make it warm and cuddly.  

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