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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Take it in Chunks with Chocolate

My tip for this week is to take it in chunks with chocolate.

I had a customer bring in a quilt that she had finished and the quilt was beautiful.  She said that it had taken her a long time to get it done because she was afraid to start.  She loved the quilt but because the pattern was something new that she had never done before it took her a long time to get the momentum/courage to start.
If this is you, my best advice is to pick a fabric that you are excited about.  There is no regulation in place that you have to follow the cover.  Get creative and have fun with it.  Be sure to read the instructions carefully.  If the instructions are intimidating all at once then brake them down in to chunks with chocolate.  If this is still confusing or seems to big then do smaller chunks.  Also, don't be afraid to ask questions of friends or family.  Even your local quilt guild or quilt shop can help.  These resources can also be great at helping you break it down into the chunks.

Customers bring in quilts all the time and we go over the instructions breaking it down into chunks that seem manageable.  Often times they will come back at intervals to go over the instructions again.  No problem.  That is what we are here for.

Be sure to include chocolate with each chunk either at the beginning of the process, during the process, or after the process.  Also, don't be afraid to walk away if it gets stressful.  Sometimes we need a break.  I consider this as breaking it down into smaller chunks and always include chocolate.  Definitely reward yourself for what you have accomplished.  Every little bit that you accomplish on a difficult pattern is an accomplishment and should be celebrated.

Chocolate is one way to celebrate.    

Happy Quilting!

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